written by GERALDINE August 11, 2016

“THUGGED OUT”:  When @Thugnanny (Denisse Benitez) slays behind the camera and you’re in front of it.

One of the things I’ve wanted to do before the end of this year was to take professional photos. I love capturing my outfits (the really good ones),  and posting them on IG or here. However, i did want someone who was already experienced to shoot them for me. I really wanted to see how others can capture me in a photo in ways I never thought I could.
I had no hesitation as to who I wanted to give the job to when it came down to getting those photos taken. There was only one woman who was fit for this job.
Not only is she extremely talented but she is definitely a great inspiration. I have been following her on IG for almost a year now, and everything about her IG (@thugnanny), adventures, work, and goals are all things I admire about her.
I contacted Denisse via her amazingly well crafted website and quickly sent her an email to let her know that I would love to work with her on reaching this goal.
Long story short, she got back to me , we talked back and forth during that week, set up time and date and literally decided on location on the day of ! It was my fault and soccer’s fault. lol  (Insider)

Denisse, you are truly an incredible women with influential powers. All your advice, comments, and compliments will forever stay with me forever! Thanks for the best hour ever hehehehehe.

STYLEPEDIA: Leather Jacket- Zara(on sale) | Top- FOREVER21( I cut the front part shorter)(NO DIY REQUIRED) | Jeans- H&M | Pumps- Steve Madden | Sunnies- ShadeGang.Com | Nails – SHEEK STUDIO(ask for Naomi)

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