I am having wayyyy to much fun styling these shoots. I am so fortunate to be able to do all the things I always wanted but never thought I would ever be able to. Take it from someone who believed that dreams are just for when you are sleeping. I worked my butt off for all this. Now all I dream of is for some actual sleep. Lol

Enjoy the photos and my YouTube video on this shoot.

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As soon as we know we will have our picture taken we suddenly think about our closet and for some odd reason it’s empty in our mind. So the first thing you say is “omg I must go shopping for an outfit”. Don’t deny it, you know it happens to you all the time.
I always tell my clients to thoroughly check their closets and put three looks together before grabbing the car keys to make
A “quick” run to the mall. 90% of the time they always find something at home.
Below are some tips and examples of great looks you can try this fall season for your special photo session.

Plaid is the most common pattern for the holidays, but it is so great because they still seem to look so well blended especially in any colors. My favorite is green plaid. Best part about plaid in the holidays is that you can dress down with a pair of jeans or dress it up with a blazers for men or a gorgeous tulle skirt for the ladies.


Pick one color first and incorporate in everyone’s look. Mix the textures but keep that color you picked within. For example, below their focal color is gray and burgundy but they mixed lace, plaid and knits. This one is the most practical and the one that stands out the most.


For those not interested in twinning with the family, pick a color palette that works for everyone. Not only will you all look different, but you will look cohesive like a family should.

Here are some color palettes that work for the holiday season.

I hope you can find this helpful in picking the perfect look for your upcoming photo session with me. I cant wait to see what you all came up with !!! Happy Hunting in you closet.

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I really wanted to get hands on with a shoot, and  been wanting to get Bella in front of the camera since the day I met her ! This girl is gorgeous and fresh faced.  Best of all, you loves everything about the idea.

Right off the bat, I can tell that her style was very laid back, athleisure, and glam. She loves make up and a full face with some kicks to go with it was a for sure look I wanted to create. I wanted to make sure I got her sense of style in this shoot. 

The best part about shooting with Bella, was that I shared my ideas with her on what I’d like to see as far as wardrobe goes and she instantly put it all together with no edits. I mean that’s a great team effort if I do say so myself. 

Fashion has always been a part of my personal life and career, and now that I’ve ventured off into Photography it excites me to bring both together. I can’t wait for the next style shoot. Coming Soon. 

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