I am having wayyyy to much fun styling these shoots. I am so fortunate to be able to do all the things I always wanted but never thought I would ever be able to. Take it from someone who believed that dreams are just for when you are sleeping. I worked my butt off for all this. Now all I dream of is for some actual sleep. Lol

Enjoy the photos and my YouTube video on this shoot.

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I met Rosanna and Winston, aka the GLAMDAPPER in The very beginning of Feb at the Topshop store if I’m not mistaken on 5th ave, it was quite intentional to. I was with Kyrz and she said she was meeting friends there, and long behold it was them. I didn’t need any introduction as I already followed them on social media. They are definitely fashion couple goals that I wish I can have with Adrian lol.

One convo led to another, and two days later I got a work call from them.

They are so authentic, so chill, and so beyond creative. They work so well as a team and I love how easy they are to vibe with professionally. I’ve worked countless time with them and it’s only mid March.

I am so loving this new journey I’m in at the moment. Call backs, new projects, consistency, it’s all there, and I’m proud to say I’ve worked hard to get here, someplace I never believed I would be because I didn’t believe in myself hard enough.

Any who, here are some images I’ve taken of my amigos, Rosanna and Winston… GLAMDAPPER AT ITS FINEST.

Our first shoot : 📍Nomad Hotel | NYC streets

The focus of this shoot was for a product campaign, and then some street style shots followed right after.


📍Smile with Lays Campaign

📍Royalton Hotel, NYC

📍Park Ave, NYC

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Last Sunday I spent the day with my cousins, who are also my closest friends. We are all related BFF’s lol. Besides having to get a few things done in the area we also wanted to take the opportunity to hang out. 

On our way to our first stop, we drove by this cobblestone street and immediately knew we had to stop and take a few shots.  I was feeling my outfit that day and I had my canon in the car too, so why not. ?

If you know me well, you know I love Comfort Clothes… A.K.A.  ANYTHING OVERSIZED. 

When I saw this sweater vest, I knew I had to have it at any cost. Let me just tell you, the “Discount Gods” must have heard my budget prayers that day. I only payed 10 dollars for it, fur wrap included(detachable as well). If you really dig through the racks in Forever 21, I promise you will always find something good. 


  Thanks for my shots ??   

Till the Next, 

Geraldine ?

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 First and foremost let me just say what an honor it was to even be considered for an interview just to talk about Geralogy and how it all started. I never really had or wanted the dream of becoming rich and famous, my dreams were more about making it out on my own, on my own terms.

This is one of the reasons why I agreed to do the interview. To let everyone know that I am not successful(yet) because of Geralogy, but that I have been fortunate enough to do what I love everyday and hopefully for the rest of my life, God willing.

I enjoyed the time I had to talk with Yese about my new full time job. What I do never really felt real until I actually talked about it. It made me more motivated to keep going. This is just the beginning and I’ve already accomplished most of my goals. Now I just want to extend these goals and create a permanent evolving platform. Stuck around, I want all of you to grow with me.

Thank you so much to all of those who have supported me from the very beginning. For you, I’m still given the chance to do what I love…

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I actually think its amazing that you can make use of unwanted clothes by just handing them down to your friends, it’s like a free thrift store. You can ask all my friends and they will tell you how much I love helping them clean their room just to find goodies to take home .. lol (Ashley).

ANYWAYS, last week my co-worker Talisa came to work with a little gift for me and it was a dress that did not fit her anymore because the length was too short to fit her as a maxi dress. However, being that I am the size of an Oompa Loompa, she thought it would be perfect for me. And guess what ? IT WAS !! The dress fit fantastic and it had a beautiful animal print in a seductive blue.

I decided to surprise her Monday morning by wearing and styling the dress up with a few accessories to thank her for adding a new item to my wardrobe and for also thinking about me. I took a few pictures to share with you guys my new and used gorgeous maxi dress.

I hope you guys and dolls love how I styled the dress up. Enjoy the photographs.

I am an expert when it comes to candid photographs. I am always doing something weird unintentionally! Hehehe

I love how the bright yellow pairs with the blue on the dress. Don’t be scared to try something that you may think might not go well together, it just might end up being the perfect marriage.


I am sooo into arm candy especially handmade ones. And my gorgeous femme briefcase, yup it’s thrifted! It’s so classy but it goes so well with such a fun outfit.





These sunflowers are no joke !!! They are bigger than the size of my head. As you can tell I bumped my head into one and freaked out lol. They were so gorgeous though and made great back drops for my awesome look.

Before I say goodbye I have to give photo creds to my amazing co-worker/photographer/phenomenal dancer/gorgeous model/ fashionista…
the lovely and talented Shakira Hooper aka “Shak Attack” lol love you babes thanks for the pics during our break hehehe



Geralogy ?

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