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Let me start by saying that if Tulum, Mexico is not on your list of places to visit, then I need you to reconsider that list ASAP!

Hacienda blue French doors in Tulum Mexico

I am beyond grateful for this experience and so lucky I get to call this “work”.

From all the things I saw and experienced, nothing beat the Tapas Restaurant, MIVIDA. It’s decor was literally stolen from my dreams and brought to life. What was even better was having Rosanna as my subject to add to the set. I truly love working with her and Winston (GlamDapper) because our vision when it comes to creating content is insanely similar. With one vision, A SERIES WAS MADE.

What made this even more great was that we literally did a pit stop at the restaurant for a quick session. We got there 10 min before heading out to the airport to come back home and in 5 min we got it done. Talk about thrilling !

Side Note: we found this spot driving by the day before and we had stopped there for lunch. In the back of the restaurant is a WHOLE other restaurant right on the beach. Mi Vida is an operating hotel with so many amenities. Drinks and food we delish, and of course pricey. Make sure to order something you feel comfortable with if you are a picky eater. Tulum’s aesthetic when it comes to food and drinks is EXOTIC. So be mindful when trying new things.

Woman standing in Mi Vida Tapas Restaurant
Beach Bar with vintage Decor
Editorial beach vintage decor bar photoshoot
Woman sipping coffee in beach restaurant
Woman sitting in beach bar
Vintage Chandelier
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Wow ! ok so Cuba was everything and more than what I expected. It is so true when they say to never judge a book by its cover or in this case from what others say about it.

I can’t begin to tell you how terrified I was to go to Cuba even though it had been on my bucket list. I got so ambushed by all the crazy things people would tell me from their experience that I already had this idea in my mind that it was actually nothing to what I actually saw…except one thing.

FOOD: let’s just say I survived off of ham and cheese sandwiches and candy I brought with me. However, on the very last day we did find 2 great restaurants they you can literally go to every day and stuff your face. will mention below.

Here are my tips and recommendations when you visit Cuba.

*remember this is my experience, my opinions. Your negative opinions about mine can click on the x above(won’t detail which side since I don’t know if you are using a PC or Mac…k bye)

  1. Yes, food is governed and spices aren’t on the shelves as they would be here, so you get what you can get.

Almost anywhere you can get ham and cheese Sandwiches but the best ones were from the Plaza Hotel and they are inexpensive and the best part is that there is WIFI !!! This is a big plus for anyone who need to stay in contact with the outside world.

We found two great restaurants during our last day there and for the best home cooked meals I would go to Zoilas down the street from the Plaza Hotel… I recommend the fried fish and the tostones.

you can eat fruits too lol (ps I totally forgot to pay for the banana afterwards…oops)

Our favorite place was Lamparilla 361. it was like we were back home in the west village. Super duper aesthetically pleasing, drinks were fantastic, food was sooo good and the bill was decent. YOU CANNOT MISS GOING HERE !! you won’t get Cuba vibes but at this point my stomach was more important hehe.

2. Where to stay– Airbnb is your best bet to make sure accommodations for your sleeping arrangements are set. They are greatly priced and some even offer breakfast and call you cabs if needed from people they already have contact with. This is so helpful for safety and trust concerns. Government owned hotels are much more expensive and service isn’t the best as they are ran by the government… think DMV. lol

views from my room during my stay

Our apartment during our stay was super clean, no weird bugs, and we had air conditioner, hot water, and 24/7 lights. I don’t know why I was so deceived by this one. lol I had the total opposite in my mind.

3. WIFI-if you have family back home like children and such like me then I recommend waking up early and heading to the phone company office to buy wifi cards that hold an hour each of internet. the most you are allowed to purchase per day per person is 3 so I would rack up for the day. Lines get really long during the day and they close early so you should take this one seriously. They are 2 dollars each so don’t let anyone up-sell you on the streets. If for some reason the calling company is closed , locals who are loitering are very helpful in directing you to someone who sells them on the low (slang for under the table).

wifi card

The best signal is found at the parks. hotels aren’t the best. and those are the only places you will find connection. You cannot walk around and expect wifi. You must be stationed somewhere where there is a router or government antenna.

4. LOCALS ON THE STREET. there really isn’t anything bad to say about this because I truly understand the hustle. All the locals are soo pleasant, so educated and absolutely so well mannered. Cuba is a communist country so the people don’t have much access to the wants, rather than the needs that the government provides. Therefore, they go out and hustle the tourists…which I totally respect. There are soooo many of them outside trying to hustle you and trying to recommend places to eat because they get a percentage rate from the restaurant or places, if they end up taking you there. It’s your choice if you go but don’t be alarmed they don’t do it with ill intentions, they are helping you out by you helping them out make a little cash to bring home. If you say no thank you they will tell you to have a great day and even give the biggest genuine smile. I promise I have never met such kind educated humans in my life till I arrived In Cuba.

Our amazing driver recommended by our AirB&B host

5. streets are super safe at night, crime is pretty non existent. we were walking around after 1am in the dark and all we saw were pleasant locals, tourists and bars. around the area.


7. Don’t forget to take all the photos you can, ride the vintage cars, and most importantly live through your own experience, thats the only way you can truly live the culture.

For a quick look at my time in Cuba, see my vlog on youtube. its short and sweet. will try to vlog more on my next trip.

Thank you again to my amazing clients who have become my dearest friends Glamdapper for including me in their adventures !

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If im going to be honest, I might as well start from the beginning of the subject “Kyrzayda”. Back long ago, 2012 to be exact, when Kyrz was just hitting it off in her career, I wasn’t a big fan of her. I mean I never hated on her because her style was one of kind that could never be duplicated… trust me I try every time I shoot for Kyrz Closet hehehe. Long Story short Kyrz was not friendly with me on the day I went to her first launch party for her boutique,  I literally left there crying!!! I never forget it, I even wrote a blog post on it when I was a blogger wannabe. This is definitely something I told her after I met her, and she apologized which I honestly wish she could take back. Upon knowing her really well, I understood her personality and I being dramatic AF, knew I took it too personal. The most important thing I learned in all this is that second chances are real as long as you are completely open to them, you cant half ass those. 

Fast forward to December 22, 2017, I received an email that would struck my life in full circle ! Kyrzayda emailed me. I wanted to post it here but of course gmail won’t load it from the server. She emailed me looking for my photography services. I honestly did not know what to even say, think, or do. Here comes Kyrz emailing after I was not fond of her, but I know she is super poppin, and she would be a great opportunity for me to have her part of my credentials. Then there was her discovery of her cancer, that was a hard pill to swallow for me. I processed all of that for a day and realized that I have never been known to be a person to hold onto grudges and I just don’t know how to say no. I of course emailed her back saying HECK YESSS ! I’m glad I did… I had the pleasure of knowing one of the most caring, thoughtful, selfless person I could have ever had the pleasure of knowing. 

January 2018 

Lots happened this month! We spent my birthday at the Time Hotel shooting content and my first time shooting a campaign collab she had with Olay skincare. I think this was the day I realized how truly passionate I am about photography and telling a story with it… her story.  

I also was given the opportunity to work for her boutique and do all of her product photography and go with Kyrz to pick Spring and Summer merchandise.


February 2018 enough said!  WOW!!!!!!  What an experience, I will never forget and always be grateful for. literaaallllllyy DREAM COME TRUE !

I also received an amazing opportunity all thanks to Kyrz and my hard work. I worked on a great project for Debbie, owner of Frances Grey NY. I shot her spring collection 2018. see here

March 2018
(when we realized we were low key in a relationship) lmao 

Kyrz and I had our first big fight… in Brooklyn…. in the car… omgahh!!!  I never realized how similar we both were, dramatic, so emotional, and so invested in keeping our surroundings happy. That all happened in a 20 min argument in the car. There was crying, yelling, bashing…all of it. I honestly wanted take a train home and leave her ass in the middle of Brooklyn, but I obviously couldn’t. For those that don’t know, chemo takes a toll on your emotions and kyrz was exactly there and I really had to push my anger aside and understand what she was going through. I came back from my walk and we talked things through, hugged, and apologized because we were just that much of great friends in such a short period of time. 

This was also the month I left on vacation for 2 weeks… lets just say we were both missing each other… face timed more than a normal couple would.

April 2018


WHATTTT !!! What an opportunity to travel with her.  Kyrzayda simply just treated me so well, allowed me to experience things that I never in a million years would ever think could happen to average people like me. Im telling y’all, she was an angel sent from heaven. 

kyrz and I fell in love with the mofongo served here. Legit she would have booked a flight just to go eat it again. It’s really is that good. 📌(Pubbelly Sushi South Beach)

May & June  2018 

May was filled with work work work… She never gave up, even when she was hurting or exhausted. I admired that so much from her, I even started to implement it in on my own life. I honestly can’t remember the last time I complained about a cold. 

July 2018 

A Lifetime Surprise of Friends 

Who remembers when Glency and Maracas surprised Kyrz!!! Wow that even made me cry. It’s so heart warming to see the amount of people who genuinely love Kyrz. She definitely had a piece of Kyrz heart and vice versa, she would always talk so highly of her. I also had the great pleasure of hanging and shooting with Glency and getting to know her a bit other than seeing her all over the head lines and my cousins talking non stop about her and her diva life ! Thank you for always being so supportive of Kyrzayda…Ella te queria PILA!!!! 

August 2018

August was bitter sweet… It was a tough month for all us who were close to her. We all had to face a truth that no one wanted to believe. It was a month we would celebrate another year of her life, a MILESTONE.  A moment she didn’t know if she would ever get to experience, but we did and it was UNFORGETTABLE!
Another unforgettable moment was when Joanne and I went to surprise Kyrz at the hospital for a bday celebration the nurses had for her. Boy were we the ones surprised. It was the moment when we got news Kyrz would officially go on hospice. I mean how does anyone celebrate birth and death all in one day. You can already imagine how many tears I wept outside. 

September 2018

If I leave you with anything I learned throughout my journey of being by Kyrz side and taking it all in… is that you must DO. Simple. You must keep going, you must keep trying, you must stay consistent, and you must NEVER GIVE UP.
What gets me about Kyrz passing is the powerful strength she endured, MIND, BODY, AND SOUL. Guys I still cant get over the fact that we shot days before her passing. It might have been the most hardest shoot, but it was so damn SPECIAL ! She kept putting it off for months due to priorities and her health, but we did it… She wanted to take photos with Kamilla, her granddaughter. We did it. She put on those heels and walked down and up those stairs and we did 4 looks !!! I mean I’ve never seen that kind of strength in my life, only once… and it was my friend Kyrz. 

September 9th, 2019 

“Kyrz I’ll be back in an hour, I love you amiga”.

Her last words to me “I love you too”

We never said goodbye, it was an I’ll see you later, and it was the sweetest one of all. 

Kyrzayda, thank you for all that you have been to me. Thank you for opening a space for me in your life. You have taught me things that I would have never been able to learn anywhere else because humans are just not like you. They are not selfless like you were, they are not knowledgable like you were, and most of all they are not as stylish as you were.

I just really have one thing to ask you…what bottoms can I pair this floral top with? 



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I think even I impressed myself this week. I was so happy with the way this set came out.

Meet my new client who helped make these great FABIOLA… on IG. I first have to dish about her because WOW!!! This girl is 16 y’all and birthday is today btw… HBD GIRL ! Not only is she super young super beautiful, but she’s smart, sweet, and stylish… she picked out her own looks for her session, she definitely has a sense of style that not many young teenage girls have.

Thank you momma Susana for reaching out and letting me capture your amazing daughter. Let’s do it again soon!


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Love the smell of new clients with great style !!! Welcome Madeline, I truly had an awesome time getting to capture your great style. This by far has been one of my favorite look these past couple of months.

Please check her insta and her blog… she shares so many goodies, click here.

Fashion blogger street style photoshootFashion blogger wearing a white dressHow to style a white dress for the fall. Posing for street style photosFashion Blogger posing for street style photoshoot

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I just wanted to give you a little insight on how I go in to every photoshoot. I’ve come to learn that my style of photography is all about scenery.

The landscape is just as important as the subject.

If I don’t have a good location filled will dynamic backdrops then I don’t feel like I’m doing my job. My creativity is driven by art and by interest. Not everything needs to be over the top interesting, but something needs to trigger me to get that shot I envision.

When I went to shoot with Lisette from @liiraven, I had no idea what backdrop I was going for but I knew which location would provide me with them according to each of her outfits.

You can see here how important it is for me to shoot with interesting backdrops.

Fashion shot in soho nyc Fashion street style poses Street style photography in creative locations Miss Lola lookFashion portraits Fashion street style shot during golden hour

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It’s incredible the way you meet people and how when you least expect it, you serve purpose in that persons life. I met Laura months ago because of my angel Kyrzayda. I’ve met so many amazing friends and clients because of Kyrz BTW.

I was so happy Laura contacted me to take photos of her small intimate ceremony. I love intimate events and prefer them when I do work outside off fashion.

She looked incredible and her and hubby look like the perfect match. Sending them many blessings in their new venture as one, as soulmates, as partners for life.

How gorgeous were they…

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