It is so important to always get great detailed shots when it comes to shooting fashion photography. Not only do you provide variety but you can land yourself a commercial gig like I did.

My first time shooting a Frances Grey hat was on a blogger season shoot with Kyrzayda. She was wearing this gorgeous white hat. I totally felt like that was definitely the statement piece to her hole outfit so you know I went totally ham on concentrating on it.

Long behold, the designer loved it so much that she contacted me for product photography for the Spring/Summer 2018 Collection.

I am so grateful to have met Debbie and receive such an opportunity to see in person her amazing line. I was never really a hat person, but wow, she changed my mind completely.

I also had the please of working with models in this project. They were perfect, beautiful, and so fun! We were bumping to R&B music acting like girls at a sleepover. Working with the Frances Grey Team was maybe one of my favorite projects this far.

The collection is well worthy, high end, of great quality, and made right here in the USA . Designed by a woman with such raw and impeccable talent, you really couldn’t ask for anything better.

Check out the site to shop and view all my photos for the Spring/ Summer 2018.

Here are a few samples of the work I did.

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I met Rosanna and Winston, aka the GLAMDAPPER in The very beginning of Feb at the Topshop store if I’m not mistaken on 5th ave, it was quite intentional to. I was with Kyrz and she said she was meeting friends there, and long behold it was them. I didn’t need any introduction as I already followed them on social media. They are definitely fashion couple goals that I wish I can have with Adrian lol.

One convo led to another, and two days later I got a work call from them.

They are so authentic, so chill, and so beyond creative. They work so well as a team and I love how easy they are to vibe with professionally. I’ve worked countless time with them and it’s only mid March.

I am so loving this new journey I’m in at the moment. Call backs, new projects, consistency, it’s all there, and I’m proud to say I’ve worked hard to get here, someplace I never believed I would be because I didn’t believe in myself hard enough.

Any who, here are some images I’ve taken of my amigos, Rosanna and Winston… GLAMDAPPER AT ITS FINEST.

Our first shoot : 📍Nomad Hotel | NYC streets

The focus of this shoot was for a product campaign, and then some street style shots followed right after.


📍Smile with Lays Campaign

📍Royalton Hotel, NYC

📍Park Ave, NYC

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I really wanted to get hands on with a shoot, and  been wanting to get Bella in front of the camera since the day I met her ! This girl is gorgeous and fresh faced.  Best of all, you loves everything about the idea.

Right off the bat, I can tell that her style was very laid back, athleisure, and glam. She loves make up and a full face with some kicks to go with it was a for sure look I wanted to create. I wanted to make sure I got her sense of style in this shoot. 

The best part about shooting with Bella, was that I shared my ideas with her on what I’d like to see as far as wardrobe goes and she instantly put it all together with no edits. I mean that’s a great team effort if I do say so myself. 

Fashion has always been a part of my personal life and career, and now that I’ve ventured off into Photography it excites me to bring both together. I can’t wait for the next style shoot. Coming Soon. 

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Just like they say every girl must have a LBD (Little Black Dress)in their closet, they should also have a LWD too. 

One of my staple pieces in my closet are loose button down shirts. 2 years ago, I bought this dress (supposed to be plus size blouse) at H&M. This top is perfect, it’s white(my favorite color) and best part… multi-purpose. I can wear with bottoms, alone with a slip dress underneath, or to the beach as a cover up. 

Examples on how I’ve worn this blouse before: 

July 2014

May 2015

 August 2015( My cousin actually borrowed it here lol ) 

Today, I wore my LWD to work. Paired it with some super cute scrappy flats and my comfy camo jacket. Oh, and my new chic-y backpack. This look is definitely a go to for a stylish NYC commuter. It’s comfortable, stylish, and most importantly versatile. 


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 Yesterday was ridiculously beautiful for the first time this year. My cousins and I decided to go to the park and lay on the grass to enjoy the weather. 

I dressed very comfortably with a sweater dress and my “adventure” sleeveless jacket. I also wore booties to prevent itching from the grass. 




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If my hair is not slaying, my wardrobe is most likely not either. This is as chic as I was able to come close to. I was actually running to get hair supplies to touch up those roots before I  left on vacation that same week.

The good thing is that I can make an oversized sweater look somewhat decent no matter the occasion( I’m dead serious). I went out super simple on this day and could have not gone wrong with my fav leather leggings and my booties. Kept it minimal and very Grayscale.


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