February 5, 2017

DIY: Lighted Heart Wall Art

I am just about 4 weeks away from giving birth to a baby girl, and I am just getting the nursery ready. Work has honestly been hectic and my stress levels are at an all time high trying to get everything together before my maternity leave. I am staying positive though, as I  must focus on purchasing all the last minute baby needs and make sure that her room is ready for once she arrives.
It is so true when they say a baby is expensive. LIKE SUPER EXPENSIVE ! I have been putting everything in perspective since I found out I was pregnant. I only truly spend on things I know I will actually need, accept hand me downs, and depend on a lot of DIY projects. I am a very budget friendly person and playing smart with your money on secondary things is very important when going into a mommy role.



I saw this neon heart shaped wall art when shopping at Pottery Barn Kids. I was instantly in love… even added it to my cart. Retail price was close to $200 dollars, there was no question that I reallyyyyyy wanted it. Of course I left it in the cart for like a week to convince myself that I didnt need it, which I didn’t. I did however, use the creative side of my brain and instantly googled for similar ideas.

Here is what I came up with…


You can definitely use other alternatives for most supplies.

1. String lights. The thinner, the better. Also recommend LED. It will give it a more neon effect. (Michaels Arts & Crafts Store, 19.99) try amazon for neon color lights, also less expensive.

2. Thin electrical wire. Easy to bend and hold. (Home Depot, $4.59)

3. Tools. You can use a wrench wire pliers, or whatever you can find in hubbys tool box.

4.batteries, only if your lights require it.

5. Measuring Tape. You can honestly use anything for this or skip this step completely.

6. Heavy copper wire (10 feet) . The thicker the better. (Home Depot, 55 cents per foot)

Once you set the model of what you want your shape to look like, go ahead and start bending to your desired style. 

You are then going to tie up the ends with the thin wire. It will strongly hold as long as your wrap it around enough times tightly. With a good pair of wire cutters, cut the extra wire you are not going to need. 

Take your string lights and wrap around as closely together as possible or as far, completely your choice.

Find a wall and hang it, I used nails to hang up my heart.

Voila, that’s how mine turned out <3

Best part, I spent less than 30 dollars to make mine. Beat that Pottery Barn!
Gera out.


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