August 17, 2017

J & W Renew their vows 

I was left in complete when I looked through the raw images of this special day. I not only could believe that I captured all these great moments, but I was more in awe at how beautiful these photos turned out. It was a special feeling because I was able to capture exactly how amazing the whole wedding was IRL. 

Johanna and Wilson renewed their vows after 5 happily years married, 2 kids, and a love that goes beyond explanation. 

They created an intimate and elegant wedding followed by a private dinner along the river with a view of NYC.  Intimate is keyword for exactly what I love to shoot. 

This day hit close to home because hubs and I will be making 5 years soon and knowing that we too have made it this far wothnlorenoostives vibes than you can imagine, assures me that true love does exist and that it isn’t rare. 
Tip: don’t give up on love, it’s there. Waiting and looking just as you are too. Edit


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