written by GERALDINE February 23, 2018

Hi everyone !

Finally sharing a link to the small amount of photos I was able to capture of the beautiful guests at the pop up shop. As you all might know I was hired as the event coordinator and I was practically all over the place with no time to take some awesome shots of everyone. I was not hired to photograph the event but I tried my best to do it anyways. If I did not get your photo, please forgive me… it was not on purpose.

Once you open the link, photos are pretty easy to download. Just enter your email(only I have access to your emails) and hit the download button. If you have any trouble, you can email me and I can directly send you your photo.

On behalf of Kyrzayda, I want to thank everyone a thousand times for being there for her and supporting. It was truly emotional to see how so many people are impacted in such an inspiring way, by just one person. It’s great to see women stand up for one another, I LOVE IT!


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