June 21, 2019

Mivida in Tulum

Let me start by saying that if Tulum, Mexico is not on your list of places to visit, then I need you to reconsider that list ASAP!

Hacienda blue French doors in Tulum Mexico

I am beyond grateful for this experience and so lucky I get to call this “work”.

From all the things I saw and experienced, nothing beat the Tapas Restaurant, MIVIDA. It’s decor was literally stolen from my dreams and brought to life. What was even better was having Rosanna as my subject to add to the set. I truly love working with her and Winston (GlamDapper) because our vision when it comes to creating content is insanely similar. With one vision, A SERIES WAS MADE.

What made this even more great was that we literally did a pit stop at the restaurant for a quick session. We got there 10 min before heading out to the airport to come back home and in 5 min we got it done. Talk about thrilling !

Side Note: we found this spot driving by the day before and we had stopped there for lunch. In the back of the restaurant is a WHOLE other restaurant right on the beach. Mi Vida is an operating hotel with so many amenities. Drinks and food we delish, and of course pricey. Make sure to order something you feel comfortable with if you are a picky eater. Tulum’s aesthetic when it comes to food and drinks is EXOTIC. So be mindful when trying new things.

Woman standing in Mi Vida Tapas Restaurant
Beach Bar with vintage Decor
Editorial beach vintage decor bar photoshoot
Woman sipping coffee in beach restaurant
Woman sitting in beach bar
Vintage Chandelier


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