May 8, 2015

Style Inspo

 I don’t think I have ever replicated another blogger or anyone’s style for that matter, but I can definitely say I do get inspired by them ALL THE TIME. Let’s be quite honest with each other for a second here. Part of the major reason why we all follow bloggers, stylists, celebrities who may be known for fashion, DIY, Lifestyle, etc.. We all follow them to get inspired, to get ideas and they do a damn great job doing so. I’m right, aren’t I? Take a moment or three and applaud these entrepreneurs who work hard for us. ::clapping::Back to my point. When I go shopping, I never really purchase an item and purchase something else that can go along with it. I usually just buy what I like and just pair it up with whatever comes to my creative mind at the moment of getting dressed. No blog or #ootd searching. Its like 2+2=4, easy.

I purchased from like 4 months ago(surprisingly it only took 3 weeks for it to arrive, just in case you were wondering) that I still till this day have not worn. I felt like I was having writers block but for styling, lets call it stylers block.

Anyways, the other day I was scrolling through my news feed on the gram and BAM there it was my inspiration, my muse, MY DRESS! Well almost, it resembled it enough to turn the damn light bulb on in my head. So there she was styled to perfection, @flordemariafashion. Blogger, tv style host, latina, gorgeous, and a shoe addict. I said to myself, could this be God giving me a sign? YES, yes it was and it came with all the ingredients to style the dress I never wore. Its like finding a recipe and it tells you you need a specific brand but you only have the generic brand and it comes out tasting just as good. Yup, that was my outfit, “Rapido, bueno, y barato”(quick,good, and inexpensive).

Side Note: Flor thank you so much for all the style inspo you give me and I’m sure to so many others. You are definitely one of the few who I admire for being a smart overall business entrepreneur and not just fashion savvy. Hopefully I can meet you one day and tell you in person.  Don’t worry, I don’t get start struck, haha.

Enough rambling…Below I will add links as to where you can find the pieces I used to bring this look together. HOPE YOU L❤️VE

Dress: sheinside (Also comes in white)  Shoes: Charlotte Russe (similar) Clutch: Target (similar) Leather Jacket: H&M (similar) Sunnies: TRU TRUSSARDI (SPLURGE ALERT) Jewels: Geralogy

So how do you guys think I did? Hit or miss on the style Inspo ?

 (picture on the right: screenshot of @flordemariafashion Instagram pic)




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