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I think even I impressed myself this week. I was so happy with the way this set came out.

Meet my new client who helped make these great FABIOLA… @fvy.gold on IG. I first have to dish about her because WOW!!! This girl is 16 y’all and birthday is today btw… HBD GIRL ! Not only is she super young super beautiful, but she’s smart, sweet, and stylish… she picked out her own looks for her session, she definitely has a sense of style that not many young teenage girls have.

Thank you momma Susana for reaching out and letting me capture your amazing daughter. Let’s do it again soon!


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I just wanted to give you a little insight on how I go in to every photoshoot. I’ve come to learn that my style of photography is all about scenery.

The landscape is just as important as the subject.

If I don’t have a good location filled will dynamic backdrops then I don’t feel like I’m doing my job. My creativity is driven by art and by interest. Not everything needs to be over the top interesting, but something needs to trigger me to get that shot I envision.

When I went to shoot with Lisette from @liiraven, I had no idea what backdrop I was going for but I knew which location would provide me with them according to each of her outfits.

You can see here how important it is for me to shoot with interesting backdrops.

Fashion shot in soho nyc Fashion street style poses Street style photography in creative locations Miss Lola lookFashion portraits Fashion street style shot during golden hour

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I am having wayyyy to much fun styling these shoots. I am so fortunate to be able to do all the things I always wanted but never thought I would ever be able to. Take it from someone who believed that dreams are just for when you are sleeping. I worked my butt off for all this. Now all I dream of is for some actual sleep. Lol

Enjoy the photos and my YouTube video on this shoot.

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I have had the pleasure of working with Erika on a few campaigns now and I’m so happy with how well we work together. Erika is a successful lifestyle blogger / influencer and everything she promotes is super relatable. From values, to tips, and even her great sense of style. I suggest you go follow her and check out her amazing website… BYERIKABATISTA

The images below are from our session about two weeks ago. There is a video below with some behind the scenes of that day. Check it out and don’t forget to subscribe, thaankkkksss!

Editorial street style photoshoot with a vintage cab with a blogger Editorial street style photoshoot with a vintage cab with a blogger Editorial street style photoshoot with a vintage cab with a blogger Fall Style Accessories perfect for a photoshootHow to casually pose a model on a car Blogger Photoshoot at a train station How to do a photoshoot at a train station High waisted Wide Leg Denim On a Blogger

A Blogger Photo Shoot on how to wear shorts in the fallA Blogger Photo Shoot on how to wear shorts in the fallHow to do a street style photoshoot at a coffee shop.A Blogger Photo Shoot Ontario a coffee shop A Blogger Photo Shoot on how to wear shorts in the fall

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I wrote on a recent IG post all about investment and what it should mean to an individual.

After getting all the dets from Kyrz about this amazing dress, it took a whole other meaning than that of just a very expensive materialistic item that will be hanging in her closet.

It meant so much more to me in a sense where it opened up my eyes a bit on me and my investments. I barely invest in myself and probably on all the wrong things. This dress meant opportunities, freedom, and most importantly self care for mind, body, soul, and business.

I will definitely approach quick, inexpensive, low quality decisions with a more responsible, long term worth decision.

Without further or do, here is my muse… the Mochi dress that’s got my panties in a bunch in all the right ways lol

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I met Rosanna and Winston, aka the GLAMDAPPER in The very beginning of Feb at the Topshop store if I’m not mistaken on 5th ave, it was quite intentional to. I was with Kyrz and she said she was meeting friends there, and long behold it was them. I didn’t need any introduction as I already followed them on social media. They are definitely fashion couple goals that I wish I can have with Adrian lol.

One convo led to another, and two days later I got a work call from them.

They are so authentic, so chill, and so beyond creative. They work so well as a team and I love how easy they are to vibe with professionally. I’ve worked countless time with them and it’s only mid March.

I am so loving this new journey I’m in at the moment. Call backs, new projects, consistency, it’s all there, and I’m proud to say I’ve worked hard to get here, someplace I never believed I would be because I didn’t believe in myself hard enough.

Any who, here are some images I’ve taken of my amigos, Rosanna and Winston… GLAMDAPPER AT ITS FINEST.

Our first shoot : 📍Nomad Hotel | NYC streets

The focus of this shoot was for a product campaign, and then some street style shots followed right after.


📍Smile with Lays Campaign

📍Royalton Hotel, NYC

📍Park Ave, NYC

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Personally, i have never been the girl who eats, breaths, and sleeps handbags. I’m definitely more of the shoe addict(if you must know). Now, I am not saying that I do not enjoy a fabulous bag, but it has to be a decent size that fits my essentials. I guess I just don’t see the point of having to carry around  a garbage sized bag around everywhere just because you need to fit your family sized hand lotion. I may be over exaggerating a little but come on ladies and gents, you know I am right. Besides, it gets really hot during the season of spring and summer and nobody wants a side of swamp arms from carrying that leather tote over your shoulder. JUST SAYING !

The evolution of the mini handbag has definitely defined itself over the years. Its great to see them in different forms, sizes, and style. From a structured mini, to a boho mini with some fringe.

Below are just a few I have found at an affordable price and great quality, but there are so MANY to choose from at every price, color and size. You’ll be surprised how many sizes mini comes in. Did I mention they go with every outfit in your closet? I GUARANTEE IT ! If you need more information on my picks, just click on the picture of your fav bag and it will take you directly to its store.  Hope you love my picks,  Happy Spring Beauties❤️

The Structured MINI:


The Night Out MINI:

The Boho MINI:

The Pattern MINI:



(Pictures posted are not my own)

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