I think even I impressed myself this week. I was so happy with the way this set came out.

Meet my new client who helped make these great FABIOLA… @fvy.gold on IG. I first have to dish about her because WOW!!! This girl is 16 y’all and birthday is today btw… HBD GIRL ! Not only is she super young super beautiful, but she’s smart, sweet, and stylish… she picked out her own looks for her session, she definitely has a sense of style that not many young teenage girls have.

Thank you momma Susana for reaching out and letting me capture your amazing daughter. Let’s do it again soon!


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I wrote on a recent IG post all about investment and what it should mean to an individual.

After getting all the dets from Kyrz about this amazing dress, it took a whole other meaning than that of just a very expensive materialistic item that will be hanging in her closet.

It meant so much more to me in a sense where it opened up my eyes a bit on me and my investments. I barely invest in myself and probably on all the wrong things. This dress meant opportunities, freedom, and most importantly self care for mind, body, soul, and business.

I will definitely approach quick, inexpensive, low quality decisions with a more responsible, long term worth decision.

Without further or do, here is my muse… the Mochi dress that’s got my panties in a bunch in all the right ways lol

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I never save files under folders with proper names of clients. I always name according to a sweet reminder i took with me from the shoot. This little princess was no different. Her folder name was MADDY BEAR, RWWRRRRR! 

OMGOSH every time her mom or little sister yelled that out, Maddy would instantly burst into the cutest giggles.

Little things like are exactly what makes a successful session with kids. When parents ask, how they can assist, all I say is…. make them laugh. Maddy’s family did exactly that.


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One of the things I love about Rose and her style is that it is defined as minimalist. If I can describe it in 3 words I would say… recycle, limited, diverse. Rose can create like 99 looks with like 5 pieces (shoes included) lmao. She’s awesome !!! Check out her blog out, weekendlust.com, she created a how to on minimalist wardrobe. I dare you to try it!

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