August 21, 2013

Yes, I Accept Hand-Me-Downs.

I actually think its amazing that you can make use of unwanted clothes by just handing them down to your friends, it’s like a free thrift store. You can ask all my friends and they will tell you how much I love helping them clean their room just to find goodies to take home .. lol (Ashley).

ANYWAYS, last week my co-worker Talisa came to work with a little gift for me and it was a dress that did not fit her anymore because the length was too short to fit her as a maxi dress. However, being that I am the size of an Oompa Loompa, she thought it would be perfect for me. And guess what ? IT WAS !! The dress fit fantastic and it had a beautiful animal print in a seductive blue.

I decided to surprise her Monday morning by wearing and styling the dress up with a few accessories to thank her for adding a new item to my wardrobe and for also thinking about me. I took a few pictures to share with you guys my new and used gorgeous maxi dress.

I hope you guys and dolls love how I styled the dress up. Enjoy the photographs.

I am an expert when it comes to candid photographs. I am always doing something weird unintentionally! Hehehe

I love how the bright yellow pairs with the blue on the dress. Don’t be scared to try something that you may think might not go well together, it just might end up being the perfect marriage.


I am sooo into arm candy especially handmade ones. And my gorgeous femme briefcase, yup it’s thrifted! It’s so classy but it goes so well with such a fun outfit.





These sunflowers are no joke !!! They are bigger than the size of my head. As you can tell I bumped my head into one and freaked out lol. They were so gorgeous though and made great back drops for my awesome look.

Before I say goodbye I have to give photo creds to my amazing co-worker/photographer/phenomenal dancer/gorgeous model/ fashionista…
the lovely and talented Shakira Hooper aka “Shak Attack” lol love you babes thanks for the pics during our break hehehe



Geralogy ?


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